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Venous Bypass Surgery

For more extensive problems, your surgeon may recommend bypass surgery to treat CVI that occurs in the upper thigh or pelvis. For example, your surgeon can connect an artificial vein, called a graft, or a transplanted vein to a vein not affected by CVI to help blood flow from your affected leg around the blocked vein. Most vein surgery can be performed through small incisions. Usually bypass surgery is safe, although there is a small risk of DVT and infection at incision points. Your physician will only recommend this procedure in the most serious instances.

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Dr. Leke

Meet Dr. Leke of Fayetteville Vascular and Vein Center, P.A.

Dr. Michael Leke is certified by the American Board of Surgery with added qualifications in general vascular surgery and has specialty training in endovascular surgery.

He is a member of the Society of vascular surgery, the American Venous Forum, the American College of surgeons, and the North Carolina Medical Association.